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under the mystic moon, she stand alone
another dawn is coming, another day was blown
she tried to warm her hands as she let out a yawn
like ice thrown on fire, the freezing feeling was gone

amazed by the stars that's lightyears away
she closed her eyes to silently pray
from her lips came a soft smile and a question
"where the heck is my Adan?"

she traveled seven seas and looked for him in Europe
without a touch of luck, she ended up broke
still even for a minute she did'nt lose hope
she'll find her Adan, she'll find him someday soon

so she travelled back home and once again sat beneath the velvet sky
keeping her faith, she decided to just wait
she waited for years, she waited a little more
but waiting doesn't work, she found herself bored

just when she's about to give up
a man came with a piece of broken map
he is wounded, weak, and lost
she's too busy caring for him to ask for the cause

'til one day came a cop
and she ended up hand-cuffed
her Adan was a lie, her Adan was a fugitive
her Adan is someone who could lead her to her grave

beneath the mystic moon, she silently cried
"What's there to shed tears for?" came a voice from behind
from her lips out came the words "Who are you?"
he let out a grin and sat next to her
he gazed up at the stars and spilled the answer
"You're my missing rib. I'm here to clear your fear."

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  1. Disyembre 3, 2010 nang 3:11 PM

    Nice one dude! Great blog design..

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