Hala!... Sige!...


Posted by Whang | Posted in , , , , , , , , , | Posted on Lunes, Disyembre 13, 2010

I don’t want to hear your voice

but your silence is breaking up my heart

underneath the peaceful evening sky,

are rabid tears that endlessly falls

I don’t want to hold you close

but our distance caused this pain and more

holding on to this tiny thread

this heart grasp a single ray of hope

I don’t want to remember your smile

but your sadness darkens my world

guards of this tired soul

dies every time you fall

I just want to say your name

but it’s a key bringing back memories

like a chant summoning all these silent tears

like a sad melody to complement the sorrowful years

Our memories thrown to oblivion

and their silence caused this soul to mourn

though covered with cold winter snow

these feelings never ceased to burn

I can only let you go

but your silence makes me want to fall

standing on this solid ground

the strength I use to stand is yours

Watch over me from the other side of the road

swear never to see me again

close your eyes and forget my name

will you do this as I do the same?

And everything should be fine

all thanks to your silence...

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