Forever Starts Today


Posted by Whang | Posted in , , , | Posted on Miyerkules, Agosto 8, 2012

He is my freedom, my prison
He is my strength, my tears
He is my happiness, my torture
He is my wound, my medicine

He is my thoughts, my oblivion
He is my mirth, my melancholy
He is my past, my future
He is my friend, my lover

He is my venom, my Romeo
He is my voice, my melody
He is my life, my death
He is my anger, my calmness

He is my protector, my fear
He is my courage, my knight
He is my black and my white
He is mine for I am his

He will be my Mister and I his Miss
Forever we’ll have each other
Forever we’ll stay this way
Forever starts today


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