The Soulmates


Posted by Whang | Posted in , , | Posted on Linggo, Agosto 5, 2012

The great ball of fire will finally set

And so marked the end of my yesterday’s morrow
But my day starts when the sun falls asleep
Right after I saw you waiting from across the street

It is when we’re holding hands that I feel life
All sorrows and woes forgotten and left behind
Who cares about your silly actions and stupid lines?
What matters is the world we have tonight

Great is the force that brought us together
He lets the sun rise in you through your laughter
He brought us two at our best
With precious memories I will forever hold in my chest

Soon the stars will light up the heavens
I’ll watch them glimmer in your eyes
In silence we will send our wish to the satellite
With an ounce of hope, we’ll say good-bye to the night

Let us say good-bye to the hollow heart
I’ll still be filled with bliss after we depart
And we will meet tomorrow and watch the sun as it sets
Filling our emptied cups with joy and happiness


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