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So you're my angel,
with sparks of blue at the tip of your silver wings
And so you've watched over me
when you think no one else had seen

So you're my guardian
who never failed to offer a hand
And so you led the way
brushing the harm away from me

So you're the warrior
thinking there's so still so much you need to conquer
And so in silence, through time
you knew how defenseless I really am

So you're my writer
your thoughts and dreams written in your piece of paper
And so you wrote me a poem or two
and what I've got is a song for you

So you think I'm sweet
as we walked together on that crowded street
And so I let out a sigh and a gentle smile
waiting to hear more of your little rhymes

So you think you're weak and lame
you think you don't have much fame
And so I made a promise,
hope you'd take it to heaven with your wings
Still I'd hold you despite your shame

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