And She Died in the Church


Posted by Whang | Posted in , , | Posted on Linggo, Abril 10, 2011

mundane desires, careless thoughts
hurting mind and suffering soul
three hundred and seventy two days and more
of sealing these with silence and remorse

but all hell just broke away
and revealed to heavens the moments of pain
in both cheeks were drops of tears
felt the wound that's not seen
felt the pain but don't know where
don't know how and when to heal

the days of fire still remain
she calls for heaven to hear her prayers
for a while she don't know what to do
so she knelled and raised her hands
as if the answers were on the pew

closing her eyes she's years away
her years of innocence
when she's greatly loved and free
chasing butterflies on every flowers
with exuberant laughs that could go for hours

then the heavens might have heard
for she didn't wake to say a word
but she went away with a smile on her face
for after a long time she was free
free from her torment and disgrace...

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