Nang Magsalita Si Kamatayan


Posted by Whang | Posted in , , , | Posted on Linggo, Abril 10, 2011

Oh creatures under the sun 
Today, for you I've come
to wash away the suffering 
and take the life of not just one

It's now time to leave my chosen ones
leave behind your golds
to Earth they belong 
to Earth they shall return

leave behind your richness and your wealth
it is now for others to keep
take off the priced robe now
it'll just be a waste that you'll no longer need 

forget about your fame
forget about your shame
for everybody who comes with me,
comes with me with nothing

now is your turn to forget about anything and everything
take off that crystal shoes 
turn your back from your sorrows and woes
death has picked you,
come and don't resist

don't mind the short wave of pain
it'll be the last of your sufferings

I am the inevitable,
I am imminent
I am not the one you must dread
don't fear me, just accept me instead!

I am a part of every living
want it or not 
I am their end!

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