Ang Limampung Tumatak


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Bago ang earphones ko...

Bago ang 'Beats By Dre' na earphones ko...(nagyayabang lang)

kaya ang sarap mag-soundtrip...

kaya naisip kong gumawa ng listahan ng limampung linya ng kanta na tumatak sa aking balintataw...

*  If I could have one wish tonight, I'd wish upon a satellite to bring me back to you --- (The Night the Lights Went Out in NYC)

*  I'm not like the girls that you've known but I believe I'm worth coming home to --- (Sleeps With Butterflies)

*  No, you'll never be alone. When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars --- (Whispers in the Dark)

*  Oh there is beauty and surely there is pain, but we must endure it to live again --- (Out of the Shadows)

*  You are everything I want, 'coz you are everything I'm not --- (Make Damn Sure)

*  You asked me to love you when  I did. Traded my emotions for a contract to commit. and when I got away I only got so far --- (Dead Memories)

* This world may have failed you, it doesn't give you reason why. But you could have chosen a different path in life --- (Angels)

*  Tell me what's wrong with  society, when everywhere I look I see rich guys driving big SUVs while kids are starving in the streets --- (Crazy)

*  This is the world we live in and these are the hands we're given. Use them and let's start trying to make it a place worth living in --- (Land of Confusion)

*  How can I be lost if I've got nowhere to go? Search for seas of gold, how come it's got so cold? How can I be lost from the memories I relive? How can I blame you when it's me I can't forgive? 
---(Unforgiven III)

*  Don't tear me down for all I need. Make my heart a better place. Give me something I can believe --- (All I Need)

*  I don't wanna sleep. I don't wanna dream, 'coz my dreams don't comfort me the way you make me feel --- (Comatose)

*  It's not ours to break the shape of things to come --- (Shape of Things to Come)

*  I am not your blowing wind, I am the lightning. I am not your autumn moon, I am the night ---(I Am the Highway)

*  Where will you be when they're villifying? How will they see when the truth is blinding? Where will you be my darling? --- (Death of Love)

*  I don't know if it felt like I wanted you here the way that I wanted you last time ---(Someday)

*  Even in madness I know you still belive. Paint me in canvas so I become what you could never be --- (I Dare You)

*  It just ain't living and I just hope you know that if you say good-bye today I'd ask you to be true.  Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you --- (Cancer)

*  When I find my piece of mind, I'm gonna give you some of my good time --- (Soul to Squeeze)

*  It's like trying to turn aroud on a one way street, I can't  give you what you want and it's killing me. And I'm starting to see, maybe we're not meant to be --- (Theory of a Dead Man)

*  Yesterday was hell but today I'm fine without you --- (Straightjacket Feeling)

*  And you're my obsession, I love you the bones. And Ana wrecks your life, like an anorexia life --- (Open Fire) 

*  I came along. I wrote a song for you and all the things you do. And it was called yellow --- (Yellow)

*  I could be fake, I could be stupid, you knoe I could be just like you --- (Just Like You)

*  Take away your broken misery. I can't always erase your memory --- (End of Me)

Kung bibilangin mo hindi talaga limampo ang nakalista. Dalawampo't lima lang lahat yan... Naloko kita! ^_^


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  1. Agosto 24, 2011 nang 4:20 PM

    ikaw na ikaw na ikaw na naka beats. hehehe. yabang..


  2. Agosto 25, 2011 nang 9:59 AM

    music lover ka rin pala..

  3. Agosto 25, 2011 nang 10:59 AM

    Haha... loko!

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