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There was not a day that you left me
There was not a moment that you turned your back on me
There was not a time that you haven't checked on me
There was not a minute that you weren't beside me

Your gentle voice is there to guide me
Your warm embrace to comfort me
Your torch to light my way
Your smiles to strengthen me

If I thought your rules were once annoying,
I'm sorry
If I had made efforts planning how to break them,
I'm sorry
For all the worries I've caused you
I'm sorry

I might have told you "I love you"
still those words can't convey...
Thank you Mom,
Thanks for being the reason why I'm me


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  1. Mayo 9, 2011 nang 8:39 PM

    happy mother's day pala sa maommy mo

  2. Mayo 28, 2011 nang 7:12 PM

    na alala ko tuloy mama ko nung binasa ko yung tula mo :(

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