A Day On The Alley


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a middle-aged man in stripes
waiting for the bus to arrive
on his hand is a box of cake
all for his sons and daughters to take

on the bench was a woman
constantly checking her phone
the gentle breeze caressed her hair
but she never seem to have known
in her eyes were madness, love, and worries in one

on the alley was a blind beggar
he finds joy in singing and playing his guitar
on his right was a conspicuously brown box
inside were tokens he treasured
a gift from those who heard

inside the store was an angelic face
working late on a night of May
tired as she is, she blinked her sleepiness away
and let out a sweet smile
for everyone who came by

on a table inside that store
a woman in red stiletto sipped her coffee and still want more
off to work on the thirty-eighth floor
while the others were heading home

amidst this crowd is a host of wandering thoughts
a bearer of questions, both wonderful and mysterious

with eyes longing for adventure
a pad and a pen just an inch beside her

she sat alone on an alley
and wrote every piece of thought that came her way

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  1. Mayo 15, 2011 nang 8:50 PM

    Sweet child. hehe.
    we all love our mothers. and an attempt to show our love back through a poem is sweet. nice work!

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