The Dream Of A Dreamer


Posted by Whang | Posted in , | Posted on Miyerkules, Hunyo 13, 2012

Last night I dreamed with a dream that seemed so real
With the flock of birds flying and dancing and singing in the air
 With all those fairies of all colors imaginable
Singing in chorus, forming circles

Every face were filled with joy
Even the ravens and the crows 
were on their wings to spread the news

It was the day the books of the sages has foretold
The rise of the kingdom of Gandor
where the flowers shall bloom with beauty 
and the trees shall stand tall 

Its people prospered, cleared with all their vices
all without the look of sadness in their faces
its children played restlessly by its rivers of flowing crystals
its men worked with their hands and reaped what they plant

We were a part of a kingdom that does not starve
with all of the bravest and loyal guards
Our walls were built to stand the strongest of the winds
above us were the thickest shield of faith
not even one of the dragons can burn

We have horses with fine riders
thousands of hounds and golden bats!
We walked in barefoot in our land
for we have the greenest and the softest grass

We live in a kingdom where there's a home for everyone
Though our gates are left open without guards
the men that could enter
are only those with pure hearts

Last night I dreamed with a dream that seemed so real
as I saw myself walk with the fairies whispering songs in my ears
then everyone bowed as I stand before the iron throne
all knights, guards, fairies, horses and hounds

"My name is Whang, Queen and protector of Gandor"

Walang personalan, nanaginip lang... ^^


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