Utopian Dream


Posted by Whang | Posted in , , , , , , , , , , , , | Posted on Martes, Enero 18, 2011

come to me

man wearing the sandals with silver wings

save this damsel from boredom

come fly me to your land

rescue me

before i drown

save me from what smothers me

take this poison out of my veins

breathe into me

revive this devoured soul

send these tears to the depth of the earth

let new hopes come to life

heal the wounded heart

or replace it with a new one

a heart that never hates

a heart that never breaks

take this lost and empty ship

take it away from the eye of the storm

find it a nice place to land

guard it with your life 'til the perils are gone

let me be your strength in return

let me care for you, let me offer you a home

let me give you a name

let me take away your pain

but be gone before i come to love you young man

because you're just someone

from the tip of my pen

a product of just another

Utopian dream...

image courtesy of 10.Steps.sg

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